How to buy a ticket to Paris for $1,500 (via Travelocity)

Travelocity, a travel agency based in New York City, has released its first-ever flyer for a trip to Paris.The flyer was designed to help travelers to book flights through the agency and give travelers a sense of what to expect.It’s the first time a travel agent has put together a flyer like this.It’s also the […]

Student travel agency offers discounts to students on travel vouchers

Student travel agencies offer discounts to their students on trips to foreign destinations, a sign that the nation’s financial crisis may have finally begun to take hold.The American Travel Association said in a statement that it is encouraging students and families to make the most of the savings offered by the travel service agencies.AAP President […]

When you need to book a diamond, check out the travel agencies on your smartphone

If you want to book travel through the Apple travel agency website, you’ll need to first find an account on the agency’s website.That will allow you to add a travel agency to the app and select the diamond travel option, according to the Apple blog.Once the app is open, the user can search for a […]

How to Make a New Favorite Travel Blog Post With a Few Tips

I know what you’re thinking: How can I actually use my blog to make travel blog posts?It sounds crazy, right?I know.But I’m here to tell you how.Here’s what I think it’s going to take to make a trip blogging blog a reality.So, without further ado, let’s get started.1.Start Out by Thinking Outside the Box The […]

Kazakhstan to give travellers a second home for Christmas after Christmas

Astana, Kazakhstan’s second-largest city, will offer its residents a second Christmas holiday by offering a second hotel.The hotel will be the first in the country for over 20 years, according to the hotel’s owner, the Astana Travel Agency, which is offering a 25,000-yen ($2,942) booking fee.The Astana Hotel will be opened in December and the […]

Travel Agency Boise Travel Agency gets $1.2M loan from Delta Air Lines

Boise, ID (AP) A travel agency in Boise, Idaho, received $1 million from Delta Airlines Thursday for its work on its “Boise City Connection” bus line, the airline said in a statement.Delta announced the loan, which the agency said would pay for “critical improvements” to the line, at a press conference in Boise on Thursday.The […]

How to find a Diamond travel agency in Japan

Enjoy the best travel agencies in Japan and enjoy the best rates, best travel packages, and best deals in Japan.Get the best deals with travel agencies like Diamond and Vivid, or just use our travel agency search.With a wide variety of Japanese travel agencies you can explore Japan, find the best prices, and enjoy a […]


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