What to expect from the 2018 New York State Winter Olympics

The New York City Winter Olympics are officially opening to the public today.

And, according to organizers, they are a perfect time to celebrate the city’s rich heritage, culture and heritage-mindedness.

“We’re proud to be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Olympic Games, and our goal is to create an inclusive, welcoming environment where everyone can be a part of our great city,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said at the start of the official opening ceremony.

“This is a celebration of the legacy of New York, the diversity of our diverse population, and New York’s extraordinary cultural and sports history,” de Blasio added.

“We have a rich history in our city that will inspire us to build on it.”

As part of the opening ceremonies, the city will host a “cultural festival,” and an “event of the year,” and they will host several events throughout the month of January.

The main event will take place in Rockefeller Center, which is located in the heart of the city, on January 1.

The Winter Games are set to take place on January 25, and the Olympic Stadium in the summer months, with the opening ceremony set for February 14.

“The New York Winter Olympics is a very special event that’s not about the athletes.

It’s about the city that we love and have been part of for almost 100 years,” Mayor de Blasio told reporters.

The event is the culmination of months of planning and preparations by the city.

The event will feature several sporting events and events.

The largest of which will be a parade.

There will also be a festival and art gallery, and an arts festival.

The New Orleans Saints football team is scheduled to attend the parade, and they are expected to have an all-star team.

The parade will be held in the Brooklyn Bridge Park, a large park on the waterfront in Queens, where the city hosted the games.

The New Orleans Pelicans will also hold their annual home game in the park on February 2.

The opening ceremony will include performances by musicians, dancers and musicians from other musical genres.

It will also feature a “Celebrate Diversity” dance and “Diversity of Color and Race” music.

The entertainment is scheduled for the following day:The parade is scheduled from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., with fireworks at 12:15 p.o.m, and performances by the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, the Jazz Kings, the French Quarter Jazz Orchestra and the French Theatre Jazz Band.

There will be the parade’s fireworks at 2 p-4 p. m. at the Empire State Building.

The City of New Yorkers is also expected to host a cultural festival on February 16, the 100-year anniversary of a major New York city institution, the New York Stock Exchange.

The “Celebrity Celebration” event will include music performances, arts and crafts, and exhibits, and will include a parade, fireworks and other entertainment.

The first two days of the event are free, and on both days the festivities will be open to the general public.


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