When the world’s top student travel agents will be allowed to open shop in Ireland

Dublin’s Student Travel Agency has been granted permission to open its first office in the capital.

The new venture will provide a new source of income for students and the Irish government has given it permission to apply for an additional licence.

The agency has already been in operation for three years and has grown to a staff of about 50.

The company will operate a service in Dublin’s St. George Square and other locations across the country.

The Irish government hopes to attract more young people to study abroad and have the agency open a branch in Dublin in 2018.

The launch of the company marks the second time Student Travel has opened in Dublin.

Last year, it opened a branch at St Patrick’s College in Dublin city centre.

Last year, the agency also opened a service on the city’s main thoroughfare.

It is not the first time a company has been given permission to operate in Dublin and there is no suggestion that the new venture is connected to a planned merger between the agency and the university.