How to find the best travel agencies in the Lubbock area

Lubbocks travel agency Journeys has shut down its Facebook page after losing a fight to keep the page open.

The company had been running for just over a month, with the Facebook page now officially suspended.

The news comes as travel agents across the United States are struggling with dwindling revenue amid record-breaking winter travel demand and a growing backlog of cancellations.

Travelers are reporting that travel agencies are becoming increasingly difficult to find and have found ways around them.

The number of canceled and cancelled orders on Jourmans Facebook page jumped from 3,831 on December 20 to 7,738 on January 11, according to a report by the New York Times.

Travel agency KLM told the Times that it had closed a number of travel agencies due to dwindling business and has now added three new ones, including one that offers travel to the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.

The companies that remain are mostly located in Texas and the Midwest, where travelers are increasingly using charter flights.

In recent months, the number of cancellates has been trending upward, with airlines and airlines staffs reporting record cancellations last year.

Many travel agents have resorted to selling travel packages to get customers to cancel or delay their trips, which could make the process of getting a trip to a new destination less appealing.

However, some have found a way around this by partnering with travel agencies to offer the best deals, according the Times.

One such company, KLM, has partnered with Jourms Travel agency, a travel agency that offers more affordable travel packages.

The travel agency has been running its Facebook pages since November 2015.

A representative from Jourmens Facebook page said that while the company was not the first to offer such a service, it had become a popular option for customers.

Jourmas travel agency is a member of KLM and has been providing a high quality service since 2012, said the spokesperson.

JOURMONS FB PAGE IS CLOSED NEWS UPDATE:  The page has been suspended and is no longer available to view, the spokesperson added.

The Jourmons FB page was shut down after losing an online court battle to keep it open.

A judge ruled that the company must make a payment to the plaintiff for its legal fees, but Jourmys Facebook page will remain open. 

The spokesperson said that the reason for shutting down the page was to protect the plaintiff and to protect Jourmins employees from being harassed. 

Lubbock’s travel agency Lubbons Travel Agency has closed its Facebook Page, the company announced on its website.

The Facebook page was closed due to the lack of interest in the page, which has been an important part of Lubbos travel community for several years, the statement said.

Lubbones travel agency announced the closure of its Facebook site in the wake of the recent national travel crisis and is working to make changes to improve its customer experience, said Lubbanes Facebook page. 

As a result of the closure, the LTC and Jourminss Facebook pages have been shut down and a refund process is now available. 

Jourmans travel agency and KLM have been contacted for comment. 

Posted by The Lubbites at 10:35 AM


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