Dubliners are getting more bang for their buck

Dubliners have a choice of many travel agencies, including Cartrawler Travel, but they’re getting a better deal. 

With two-thirds of travel companies offering a cheaper or free ticket to Dublin, people are going to spend more to go. 

The number of people travelling from the capital is up by 20 per cent, while those going from outside the city are up by 16 per cent. 

It’s not just people who are choosing Cartrawler, it’s all of us, said Cartrawler CEO, Noel Collins. 

They are now the fastest growing group of people in Ireland. 

People are not going for the same amount of money because they have more options, said Mr Collins.

“The best thing about Cartrawler is that it’s a new type of travel agency which is very competitive,” he said. 

“The reason it’s competitive is because we have to go through a whole process of being in the same place, meeting the same people, and getting all the documentation in order.” 

The biggest increase is in Dublin, where the number of tourists who have booked a flight has risen by 20,000, from 1.1 million to 2.4 million.

“Dublin is a bit of a global city.

It’s the only place that’s getting a big influx of people from overseas.”

We are seeing an increase in people going for Dublin-Dublin flights, which is good news,” Mr Collins said.”

I think we have a great base for our customers.

They are coming from Ireland to Ireland, which helps us.

“People are choosing to travel to Ireland as a choice, not as a destination.”

There is no reason why people should not travel to Dublin.” 

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