What’s the deal with the ‘Amen’ tour? Here’s the story

Travel agency Amen Travel says it is rebranding its tour business after the Trump administration withdrew its “Amen” tour, which drew criticism for using anti-Muslim rhetoric.

The company said it will start selling “Ameri-Tour” to hotels, hotels and travel agents.

Amen Travel says its “American Touring” series of tours that started in 2019 will no longer be available to book, and it will instead focus on offering a variety of tours in hotels and on-site attractions, including the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

The tours will still be available in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

The company says it’s also canceling the “Aman” series, and that it will focus instead on its “America” tours.

“We know our tours and our audiences and we have a great relationship with our American Touring customers and our fans.

We are going to make it so they can get their tour,” said Amen Travel CEO Tom D’Ambrosio.

D’Ambosio said the company will start offering its “Cape Town” and “Atlanta” tours on April 1.

The tour will also offer “Bridgetown” and the “Hampshire” tours, which travel between New York City and London.

Bridgeland, the second tour in the tour series, will now be offered at the Royal Windsor Hotel and Casino in Buckinghamshire, and London’s Harrow.

For its “Briarcliff” tour from Cape Town to Southampton, D’ambrosio said he would no longer tour the city.

Tourists can now book online, and the tours will be available at hotels and attractions in the U.K., France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, according to the company.

Tourism is the second-largest industry in the United States after real estate, according a report by the U,S.

Conference of Mayors.

Trump has come under fire from both the Republican Party and Democrats for his use of the term “Ain’t nobody getting treated like a human being.”

The Trump campaign has since denied the claims.

The tour company said the cancellation was a reaction to the election of President Donald Trump, who has been criticized for his inflammatory rhetoric about Muslims.

In a statement, the tour company defended its use of “Ainsley” as it uses the word to describe Muslims.

“We chose to use ‘Ainsys’ to describe the people who make the lives of Muslim families possible, not the people they hate,” the statement said.


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