How to save $200 on your travel this summer

This summer, you can save even more on your trip to Israel, by traveling via Blue Sky Travel Agency Fresno.

You can save up to $200 for an AirBnB stay, and for an entire week, the agency will book your room, meal and car rental at no extra cost.

Blue Sky’s service is offered through a joint partnership between Delta Air Lines and Israel’s Israel Tourism Authority, with the Blue Sky service allowing guests to book directly through the Israeli tourism office, rather than with an agent. 

Blue Sky also offers free shuttle transportation to the airport, and free transfers between hotels and other destinations. 

It will also take a little extra effort, but you can do it.

Bluesky is a full service travel agency specializing in luxury hotels and luxury air travel, including luxurious hotels and luxurious air travel in Israel. 

The agency operates through a partnership between Israel Tourism Agency and Delta Airlines, which also operates as a partner of Blue Sky. 

Blue Sky is a joint venture between Delta and Israel Tourism Association, which manages all aspects of the airline’s operations in Israel and the Palestinian territories. 

It was founded in 2002, and has been running since 2010. 

“Blue Sky Travelers have the ability to choose the most affordable and most memorable destinations, while also experiencing a unique, luxurious experience at our beautiful facilities,” said Yair Goldschmidt, the executive director of Blue Star. 

In addition to its luxurious accommodations, Blue Sky is the only agency to offer private air transportation. 

For every booking, guests pay a flat fee of $70, which covers the cost of the stay, meal, and car reservation. 

While the agency offers a wide range of destinations, Blue Skies only flies to certain airports in Israel, which is why it only provides a reservation at the Israel Tourism Office, which offers its own shuttle service to the destination. 

As a result, BlueSky also only allows the use of private charter flights to Tel Aviv, and they are limited to only one passenger per reservation, meaning you will only be able to fly a maximum of two private flights per month, at a total cost of $150. 

This means that if you plan on visiting Israel during the summer, it is best to book with Blue Sky, which will save you on both booking fees and the amount of time it will take you to fly from one airport to another. 

Here are the best hotel and flight deals in Israel for the summer: 


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