Travel agencies in Bangladesh hit with ‘unjustified’ charges

New Delhi: Bangladesh’s travel agency has been ordered to pay a “unjustifiable” amount of money to a “bully” who accused the agency of using false advertising, a case that has thrown up fresh questions over the country’s long-term tourism industry.Bangladesh’s Travel Agency, which has been embroiled in a row with the countrys tourism department, has […]

How to avoid flying at night

Travellers may want to keep a low profile during the winter months, but what about the summer months?Here are some tips to avoid travelling in the dark, especially at night.Airports and hotels in Kazakhstan are known for their high-security standards.The country is notorious for being a country that is prone to large scale violence and […]

Why Mexico has become a hub for Chinese travel

1.The country is not so different from its neighbors.Mexico has a population of nearly one billion and a gross domestic product of $23 trillion.China has more than 3.6 billion people and a GDP of $46 trillion.The US has around a third of the population and GDP of about $1.3 trillion.Mexico is home to the world’s […]

Which airlines have the best deals?

The airline industry is one of the most lucrative and secretive businesses in the world.With no public disclosure requirements, it’s hard to tell who owns a business, and even if they do, it can be very difficult to trace ownership.While the airlines’ own policies on advertising and marketing are a big reason for their success, […]

How to buy a fake ID at the airport

New Yorkers can’t buy fake IDs at the airports, but that doesn’t mean they can’t use them to travel to other countries.Here’s how.1.If you have a valid travel document, you can get a valid passport to go to a destination.2.You can buy a ticket with your travel document and get a fake ticket.3.You could get […]

When travel agency Chile’s $1.3bn budget is in the balance

Travel agency Chiles budget is down by $1bn to $1,936m.The company said the blowout in the economy is affecting its finances.The loss of revenue from its advertising business is “a direct result of this downturn”, Chiles CEO Pablo Marques said in a statement.“The loss of revenues from our advertising business will have a negative impact […]

How to Avoid Getting Scammed: How to Protect Yourself from Being Scammed

A traveler is scammed by a travel agency that charges them for a trip they never booked.The scammer then gives the traveler a voucher to redeem for a better ticket.Travel agency scams often take advantage of the traveler’s ignorance and fear of paying a higher fare.But if you know how to spot a scammer and […]


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