What you need to know about China’s travel industry

Port of Portland, Oregon, has long been a hub for international shipping.

But now it has a new name.

The port of Portland is the hub of the international shipping industry in China.

Here’s a look at what it does.

“Portland has been a destination for ships from all over the world for decades,” Port of Maine Chairman Richard M. Breen said in a statement.

“In fact, the Portland International Airport has served as a hub since 1946.”

The port opened in 1921 as the first major international shipping port in the world.

Its capacity at the time was 2.5 million tons of cargo.

But it’s expanded since then, with more than 70,000 ships passing through its gates in 2016.

The Port of Oregon has long had an interest in promoting international trade.

The port is the only U.S. port in China to host the U.N. World Trade Organization.

And the port has been the subject of several trade agreements between the U, U.K., and China.

In 2009, the Port of Port Arthur was renamed Portland International.

That port has grown to be the hub for the international trade in Chinese cargo, including goods for U.R.O. and container ships.

It also has a significant presence in the maritime trade.

It’s one of the world’s busiest ports for container shipping, handling about 6 million tons annually.

In 2018, the port was named a “Top Port” in China, by the International Maritime Bureau, a non-governmental organization that promotes international trade and commerce in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Chinese government has made its displeasure with the port known.

In September, the Chinese foreign ministry threatened to cut off port traffic and other activities in the area.

“China will have to deal with the ULTIMATE port of Port of Blazers in a real and serious manner, and will take decisive measures to bring about a change in the port’s direction,” the ministry said.

In February, the Shanghai International Container Terminal Co., the port that handles containers from Shanghai to the U of T, told The Associated Press that the port is “not capable of hosting cargo.”

The Port also has ties to a controversial shipping company, the shipping arm of the Chinese Communist Party, which has faced criticism in the U.’s trade negotiations with China.

China has accused the shipping company of stealing trade secrets from China.


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