Travel agency ad says ‘no regrets’ over £150k payment for £300k plane

Alex and Alexandria travel agency has apologised after a £150,000 payment was made to the company’s travel agent after the company failed to deliver a plane to its customer.

The ad for the Alex and Virginia travel agency reads: ‘No regrets, we are proud of our work, we have been in business for 18 years, and we do our best every day.’

The ad has caused anger in the travel industry, with some saying the payment shows the agency is not the company it claims to be.

Alexandria said in a statement on Wednesday: ‘We are deeply sorry for the financial loss this has caused to our travel agency clients and to the travel agent industry as a whole.

We are taking steps to address this and are working with our financial advisor to ensure that this never happens again.’

The ad was meant to be humorous, but it has caused considerable anger in our travel industry.’

Our team is working hard to improve our relationship with our clients, and to make sure that we do everything possible to support them when they are travelling.’

We will be taking the appropriate action as soon as we can.’

Alexandriania has been criticised for the decision to pay the payment.

One travel agency customer said: ‘It’s very disappointing, it seems like they are just doing whatever they can to get the money back.’

Travel agents are often forced to take out large loans in order to make money, but there are few regulations about how much money must be paid back.

A spokesman for the travel agency said:’We’re very sorry this has happened.

We made an error in payment of the travel agents loan, and this has been corrected.’

Alexandrians money is used to pay travel fees, so it’s unlikely that the money will ever be used again.

‘We’re taking steps with our travel agent to ensure this never does happen again.

We’re committed to providing a great service to our clients.’


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