How to Avoid Getting Scammed: How to Protect Yourself from Being Scammed

A traveler is scammed by a travel agency that charges them for a trip they never booked.

The scammer then gives the traveler a voucher to redeem for a better ticket.

Travel agency scams often take advantage of the traveler’s ignorance and fear of paying a higher fare.

But if you know how to spot a scammer and tell them to stop, they may be less likely to take advantage.

Here’s how to avoid getting scammed: 1.

Get in touch with the travel agency first.


Ask about the cost of the trip.

Travel agencies often offer discounts to their clients on the price of their trip.

You can check this by looking up a travel agent or calling them.


Make sure that the travel agent is willing to let you cancel your reservation if you don’t like the price.

Travel agents often use credit card fees to lower the price on trips, so it’s a good idea to tell the travel company that you will cancel if they charge you more.


Tell the travel provider that you’re not going to take the trip again.

Travel companies may not know that you’ve been scammed.


Avoid going to the hotel.

It may seem like a good deal to stay in a hotel, but it’s just a scam if you can’t get out of there before the scammer pays you a higher price.


Ask for a refund.

If you don://t like the travel package, ask the travel providers if you’ll be refunded.

The travel agency may offer to change the price or make a different trip for you, so ask if they will do this.


Check the website.

It can be tempting to give the travel companies a bad review and think you can get away with a higher rate.

But beware of online reviews that are written by travel agents, not independent travelers.

If the reviews are misleading, it could mean that the traveler has been scouted by a scam.


Take the trip on the cheapest option.

If a travel package is only $25, get the cheapest and easiest option.

This can save you a lot of time and money.


Take a picture of the receipt.

If your credit card doesn’t work or you can only make payments online, take a picture and send it to the travel partner to show to the traveler.

The traveler might not be aware of the scam.


Report the scam to the local police.

You should contact your local police department to report a scam or to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

If it’s the travel service, it may be easier to report the scam because they’re usually more involved in dealing with the issue than the travel agencies.


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