Travel agencies in Bangladesh hit with ‘unjustified’ charges

New Delhi: Bangladesh’s travel agency has been ordered to pay a “unjustifiable” amount of money to a “bully” who accused the agency of using false advertising, a case that has thrown up fresh questions over the country’s long-term tourism industry.

Bangladesh’s Travel Agency, which has been embroiled in a row with the countrys tourism department, has been accused of using misleading advertising in the country that has seen a surge in the number of tourists.

In one of the most high-profile cases, the Travel Agency was fined more than Rs 1.2 lakh by the Tourism Department for misleading its clients, according to an official statement from the ministry.

The department has also asked the Travel agency to pay the “unreasonable” amount as compensation to a victim, who is yet to be identified, the statement said.

The Travel Agency had denied the allegations in the case, saying it was a “mistake” made by a third party.

In a statement to The Associated Press, the agency said it has cooperated with the ministry to resolve the issue.

“We have taken all appropriate measures and will be filing the necessary charges to pay this fine,” the statement added.

The ministry has not responded to the AP’s requests for comment.

Bangls travel agency, known as MAB, was set up in 2008 to cater to tourists from around the world and had already received some international awards.

But the case has put pressure on the country, which was ranked last in the world in tourism investment last year.

It was ranked second in the World Tourism Organization’s 2017 World Tourism Report for the year, behind Thailand.

The travel agency is the largest in the southern Indian state of Bihar, which is home to about 4 million tourists, and the largest travel agency in Bangladesh, the second largest destination after China.


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