A guide to the world’s best Japanese travel companies

Japan is a country where travel agencies often take a back seat to real estate developers and hoteliers.That’s no longer the case, with some of the world`s best travel agencies making headlines this year with new partnerships.Here are some of our favorite travel agencies in Japan, from the country where you can get away with […]

B.C. students are spending more on their trips abroad

Students from B.S. to B.M. have been spending more than $2,000 on their travel abroad, with B.Cs. spending about $1,000 more per student, according to data from the University of British Columbia.The trend is in line with an increase in student spending since the last census, and a recent study by the University.But students from […]

How to get a job in a travel agency in India

In the fast-moving global travel industry, India’s tourism sector is in the midst of an upheaval, with a number of new and promising local operators emerging.Here are five key things to know.– Read more:The job market for travel agents is currently saturated, with the most experienced employees at the top.But this year, there is some […]

Pinoy Travel Agency to reopen its first branch in Singapore

Pinoy travel company Liberty Travel Agency will open its first Singapore branch.The company will provide travel services in Singapore and in other parts of the world.Liberty Travel Agency is one of the oldest Pinoy-based travel agencies, which was founded in 1960.The company was also the first to offer air-to-air travel to the Philippines.Liberia Travel Agency […]

How to buy cheap flights and hotels for yourself and your loved ones

The journey is long, but you need to know the right way to buy your way to the destination.With these tips, you can plan the perfect vacation to your heart’s content. 1.Pick a travel agent.Travel agents are everywhere these days, and they can make a huge difference. 2.Choose a cheap hotel.If you want to save money, get […]

When are you planning to visit Costa Rica?

Travelers can get a free day trip to Costa Rica from the US for the first time on October 19.The trip is part of the US-Canada Free Trade Agreement.Read moreRead moreThe free trip is a joint effort by the United States, Costa Rica, and Costa Rica’s Ministry of Tourism.Costa Rica and the US agreed to […]

U.S. airlines to ban travel to Colombia amid anti-government protests

AUSTIN, Texas— U.T.F., U.AX and United are suspending operations in Colombia amid reports that President Juan Manuel Santos is using the country as a base for an armed rebellion.The U.K.-based Air France-KLM said in a statement Monday that the three companies will not fly to the Colombian capital, Bogota, on Dec. 20 and will resume […]

Travel to Disney World: What to do in the Magic Kingdom

From Magic Kingdom to Disney Springs, Disney has an abundance of places to spend your vacation.Whether you’re planning to visit a Disney park or spend time at a Disney destination, here are some things to know when you’re at Walt Disney World.1.The Walt Disney Resorts are located in Florida, Florida, the Caribbean and the Gulf […]

How to buy a Korean travel agency in the United States

You may not be able to afford to buy Korean travel agencies in the U.S., but you can still purchase some from overseas.Travel agencies are businesses that sell a variety of travel services and services that are sold through travel agents.The major travel agencies listed on the U,S.Department of Commerce website include:Travel agency travel agency […]


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