Airline will open next month in California, bringing its workforce to 1,200

BAYONET, N.M. — Airline Group Inc. plans to open its first in-flight destination in California later this month, bringing the company’s workforce to more than 1,000 people.

The airline will begin operating the first service on the route to the California airport from Denver in the coming weeks, Chief Operating Officer Richard Schulz said in a conference call.

“We have been talking with many of the airlines that are operating in the region, and we will be starting to talk to the airlines here in California in the next few weeks,” Schulz told reporters.

Airline CEO Oscar Munoz said in an interview on CNBC on Monday that the airline is not planning to expand its operations to other destinations in the U.S. Schulz said the airline will expand to more cities and locations over the next five years, including in California.

He said the company will hire at least 10 people for its first two years in California and will hire 10 people to staff its California headquarters in the summer of 2021.

Airline also plans to hire about 1,100 people in the first year to help it with operations and logistics, including employees who will help in planning and operating flights and operations, he said.

The company expects the new service to have about 3,000 passengers a day and about 1.5 million seats available by 2019.

The airline has had to delay the launch of its new service because of regulatory and safety concerns.

The FAA is required to issue an airworthiness certificate for the new plane by the end of March, and the Federal Aviation Administration and the Transportation Security Administration are expected to issue safety and security certificates by the fall.

In a statement on Monday, the FAA said it will issue an operating certificate and the security certificate at the same time.

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