When your dog can fly, the city says no more!

Toronto has banned all commercial aircraft from the skies over the city.

But it won’t stop there.

On Tuesday, the Toronto Police Services Board approved a motion that prohibits private aircraft from flying above the city’s public airport.

The motion also calls for an overhaul of Toronto’s aviation regulations that was put forward by city council in May.

Police services spokesperson Jennifer Keesmaat says the board’s action is a necessary step to address concerns about noise, traffic and the potential for collisions with aircraft.

It comes as city councillors are expected to consider a motion on Tuesday that would make the city the first in Canada to ban commercial aircraft and other aircraft in a downtown area.

Keesmas says the city is working on a proposal to make it easier for citizens to report aircraft noise.

Toronto Police Service Chief Bill Blair says it’s the first time he’s heard of a city ban on aircraft in the downtown core.

“The city has not come out in a way to restrict the airspace above Toronto, so we’re in a unique position to have this conversation,” Blair said.

Blair says Toronto’s decision to ban private aircraft will be reviewed by the Municipal Affairs and Procurement Committee (MAC), which he chairs.

He says the committee is looking into what options are available to the city to deal with concerns about the noise associated with commercial aircraft.

Blair is also asking for an additional $1 million to support enforcement of the ban.

The MAC will vote on the MAC’s motion by March 12.

Toronto’s motion will now go to city council for further consideration.


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