Travel to Disney World: What to do in the Magic Kingdom

From Magic Kingdom to Disney Springs, Disney has an abundance of places to spend your vacation.

Whether you’re planning to visit a Disney park or spend time at a Disney destination, here are some things to know when you’re at Walt Disney World.


The Walt Disney Resorts are located in Florida, Florida, the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.

The resorts are owned and operated by the Walt Disney Company.


There are no Disney Vacation Club memberships available for use at the resorts.

You’ll need to buy a Disney membership for $10.


You can use your own Disney car to drive to the Disney parks, but there are no charging stations or hotel facilities for charging your cell phone or tablet.


The Disney resorts are located across two distinct areas: Downtown Disney and West Side Disney.

West Side Disneyland is the bigger of the two areas, but the resorts are separated by the beach.

If you want to visit Walt Disney Springs and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you can take a drive to either park.


Guests can purchase an annual pass for $95 that gives you unlimited access to the resorts, a ticket for use on Disney property, and an extra day for a meal.

Guests in this category can use the park’s main entrance and drive the park to the resort.

Guests with a ticket can access the Disney Parks Map, which shows the main entrances, attractions, and resorts.


There is no charging station for your mobile device, but you can use a charging station at the MagicBand.


There’s no parking at the Walt de Golf Club, but guests can park in front of the resort for $7 per day.


Guests have the option of buying their own Disney Vacations Pass for $120 per year that gives them unlimited use of all Walt Disney Parks attractions and resorts and a bonus day at the Disney Springs Beach House.

Guests should check the Disney Vacating Guide to see if the parks in their area have Disney Vacancy Passes.


Guests are allowed to take photos of the parks during their time in the resorts but they cannot post them on social media sites.


Guests must wear a Disney ID at all times, including in and out of the resorts and on Disney properties.


Guests cannot drive in or out of Walt Disney’s World.

Guests may park at Walt’s Bayfront Park or Walt Disney Cruise Line and at Walt Hollywood Studios.

Guests entering the park are required to pay a fee at the gate.

Guests arriving before noon must pay $20 to park at the resort, and guests exiting before noon pay $30.

Guests returning after 1 p.m. will pay $10 per day to park and park on their own.


There will be no overnight parking at Walt de Graaff and no overnight dining or drinking allowed.

Guests will be required to purchase a Disney Residence Card at the Gate of Passage or Disney’s Beach House for $100 per day, which entitles them to overnight parking in the resort’s parking lot.


There can be no outside food or beverage permitted at the West Side parks.

Guests staying at the Disneyland Resort will not be allowed to bring any food or drink to the parks.


Guests attending the Walt’s Magic Weekend at Disney Springs will be allowed into the park for their entire vacation.

Guests who plan to stay for at least 12 hours will need to purchase an approved hotel room for their trip.


Guests visiting Walt Disney Imagineering Park can access Walt Disney Studios for their full vacation.


Guests on a Disney Vacayacht will be able to travel between the Disney and Magic Parks in a designated area and will not need to park.

Guests riding Disney boats will be limited to the Disneyland Harbor area and are required at least 1 hour to get off the boat and onto the resort road.

Guests renting Disney vehicles can use Disney Cruise Lines for a one-way trip to the Walt Parks, but they will not have access to any Walt Disney Vacancies.

Guests using a ride on a Disneyland Cruise Line will not travel between Disney Parks, so guests will need a special resort permit to visit the Disneyland area.


Guests traveling with a Disney Family Member may only use a one room reservation.

Guests without a Disney family member must use a two-room reservation.

Guest rooms are available for $250 per person.


Guests participating in a Walt Disney DVC-Tours can only use the resort guest rooms.

Guests at Walt Junior’s Resort can use their own resort guest room.


Guests of all ages can use all the attractions at Walt California Adventure Park.

Guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Guests over the age.

must be supervised.


There won’t be an adult-only dining option at Disney World, but all dining is open to children and families.


The following dining options


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