Pinoy Travel Agency to reopen its first branch in Singapore

Pinoy travel company Liberty Travel Agency will open its first Singapore branch.

The company will provide travel services in Singapore and in other parts of the world.

Liberty Travel Agency is one of the oldest Pinoy-based travel agencies, which was founded in 1960.

The company was also the first to offer air-to-air travel to the Philippines.

Liberia Travel Agency opened its first office in Singapore in 2016.

The Pinoy company said in a statement that its aim is to continue serving the Pinoy community in Singapore, and its goal is to provide travelers and travelers with the best travel experience possible.

“Liberia travels have been among the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia, with many travelers choosing the Philippines as their preferred destination,” the statement read.

“Liberia has also enjoyed a reputation for its beautiful beaches and the diverse lifestyle it offers.”

Pinoy travel website The Traveler reported in November that Liberty Travel will open the first Singapore office.

The website reported that the company had been considering Singapore since early 2016.

Liberian travel agency Liberty Travel is a subsidiary of PinoyTravel, which is a private travel agency in Singapore.

Pinoy Travel said it will operate its first three branches in Singapore from February 25 to May 6.

The first branch will serve the Pinoys who live in the country.

Liberians who are unable to attend a wedding ceremony will be able to book a room in the company’s hotel, it said.

Liberties Travel Agency said it expects to offer a range of different itineraries for the Pinototen, including a trip to Vietnam and Singapore.


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