When to visit Costa Rica?

Travelers who have to cross the Costa Rican border in search of work should be aware that the country is on the radar of US officials as a potential destination for the US-flagged, US-funded US-built Rocket Travel Agency.

The Costa Rican government is also a US sponsor, providing funding to the agency, which operates out of the US consulate in Nuevo Laredo, as well as the Costa Rica Embassy in Washington DC.

The Rocket Travel agency was set up in October 2016 with US$4 million from US$6 million in public and private funding.

According to the Costa Ricans Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the US Government has provided the company with $2.3 million since 2016, but the agency has never opened an office in Costa Rica, and it is unclear if the US government will provide any additional funds to the company.

The US Department of State has also declined to provide any information on the Rocket Travel company.

In an article on its website, the Costa Rico government said that the Rocket travel agency was contracted by Costa Rica’s Tourism Ministry to facilitate the entry of US citizens to Costa Rica.

The Ministry also said that Rocket Travel had been working with the US Consulate in Nogales, Arizona, as it was contracted to provide an entrance to the US for the company, and that the company was registered to a US consulate at the US Embassy in Novembe.

The ministry said that “the US Government was very interested in Rocket Travel for several reasons.”

Rocket Travel said that it was unable to provide additional information on its operations in Costa Rico because of the ongoing investigation.

Costa Rica has been a US recipient of $1.8 billion in direct aid to date, and the Costa Caribas government has promised to continue providing aid to the country.

The government also said in an article that it would be “a mistake to assume that the Costa Tourism Ministry will allow the Rocket Transportation Agency to operate in Costa Rican territory.”

It added that it hoped the Costa Republicans government would not “reject US business with Rocket Travel.”


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