Why the Philippines may be the Philippines’ next president

Filipinos are looking for a fresh face to take over after the outgoing president Rodrigo Duterte’s death.

The country’s presidential elections are due to take place on October 26, and Filipinos have been waiting to hear what the next president will do.

There have been calls for former presidential candidates to enter the race, but Duterte has ruled out that idea.

A new poll conducted by Public Policy Institute of the Philippines (PPI) on October 13 suggests that the Philippines could be the next leader of the free world.

In a poll of 5,844 Filipinos, PPI found that 51 percent would vote for a third-party candidate in the next presidential election, with 17 percent voting for a candidate chosen by the PPI.

The PPI also found that a plurality of Filipinos want the Philippines to remain independent.

The PPI poll found that 53 percent of respondents wanted to see the Philippines remain under the rule of the United Nations.

This survey comes as the Philippines is dealing with a massive economic crisis that is making life more difficult for its people.

According to the International Monetary Fund, the Philippines has the second-highest unemployment rate in the world, the third-highest poverty rate in Southeast Asia, and the lowest income inequality in the Americas.

The economy is also suffering from a massive corruption scandal involving President Duterte.

Duterte has been under investigation for allegedly paying more than $1 billion to an alleged drug lord, and for corruption related to his decision to allow thousands of illegal immigrants to enter his country illegally.

The Philippines is a key U.S. ally in Southeast Asian countries.

Its ties with China are strong, with the two countries hosting the U.N. headquarters and the headquarters of the U,S.

Central Command.

However, China has been increasingly wary of its relationship with the Philippines.

In 2016, China blocked Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte from taking part in a high-profile summit in China.

The Philippines has also been targeted by Beijing in recent years for its perceived interference in its internal affairs.

The recent PPI survey suggests that Filipinos might be interested in electing a new president.

But the pollsters are not offering any specific names.

The latest poll of Philippine voters also shows that Filipinas are less satisfied with their political system.

The poll of 2,081 Filipinos found that 62 percent of them had no confidence in the government, and only 27 percent said they were very or somewhat confident in the system.

In addition, 43 percent said that the country has not been fair to them in recent times, and 26 percent said the system has been unfair.

The survey also found 54 percent of Filipinas believe that the election of a new leader will not be fair.

However of the 4,715 respondents, only 28 percent agreed with this statement.

The PPI poll also found widespread support for the Ponce de Leon monument, which is the only monument of its kind in the Philippines, with 74 percent of voters approving of the monument’s placement.

The monument is also the only one in the country to honor the nation’s military heroes, with 86 percent of those surveyed supporting the monument.


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