What to Know About Sun Travel Agency & Altour Travel Agency (A&A) in the News

A&amp:A travel agency in Melbourne, Australia, A&amping has launched an advertising campaign to boost its reputation.

The new campaign, which is due to run on Sun Travel’s website from March, uses the hashtag #WeAreTheSun to highlight its work to promote clean air.

A&amps CEO, Richard Smith, said in a statement the campaign is a way for the company to “raise awareness of our role in the clean air movement”.

“Our work is being promoted through social media and on our website.

We are proud of the work we are doing in helping clean air in Australia,” he said.

“We have a dedicated team who are dedicated to delivering cleaner air for our customers, the environment and the environment’s future.”

The campaign is one of a number of ways the A&AMP is pushing the company’s reputation, which it said had “risen from a very small number of people”.

The campaign will feature billboards and a blog, as well as posters in local and national publications.

A spokesperson for Sun Travel Australia said the ad was not a direct response to the campaign.

“It’s about the importance of clean air and the value we give to our customers,” the spokesperson said.

A representative for Sun said it was not commenting on the new campaign.


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