B.C. students are spending more on their trips abroad

Students from B.S. to B.M. have been spending more than $2,000 on their travel abroad, with B.Cs. spending about $1,000 more per student, according to data from the University of British Columbia.The trend is in line with an increase in student spending since the last census, and a recent study by the University.But students from […]

Pinoy Travel Agency to reopen its first branch in Singapore

Pinoy travel company Liberty Travel Agency will open its first Singapore branch.The company will provide travel services in Singapore and in other parts of the world.Liberty Travel Agency is one of the oldest Pinoy-based travel agencies, which was founded in 1960.The company was also the first to offer air-to-air travel to the Philippines.Liberia Travel Agency […]

How to buy a Korean travel agency in the United States

You may not be able to afford to buy Korean travel agencies in the U.S., but you can still purchase some from overseas.Travel agencies are businesses that sell a variety of travel services and services that are sold through travel agents.The major travel agencies listed on the U,S.Department of Commerce website include:Travel agency travel agency […]

Happy travel agency ‘welcomes’ new travel agency

Okc Travel Agency, which operates some of the world’s best-known travel agents, is welcoming new clients with a new travel agent.The firm announced today that Happy Travel Agency is coming to its Perth office and its Melbourne branch.It’s a big boost for Perth’s local travel industry and an opportunity to broaden the client base for […]

The Travel Agency Review: James Archer’s James Archer Travel Agency review

Travel agency reviews and reviews.James Archer, one of the world’s leading travel agencies, has been named the ‘Best Travel Agency’ for 2017 by the Travel Awards 2017, after being named the best travel agency for the second year in a row.The agency has been a regular winner of the awards, and was recognised for its […]

Which is better for your business? – Travel agencies in Australia

Posted November 18, 2018 17:17:56 You may be a travel agency’s main client, but you may also be a key partner in your business.The way you market your business to your clients and customers will be directly linked to your sales and marketing strategies.To understand this, we are going to look at what makes a […]

When your dog can fly, the city says no more!

Toronto has banned all commercial aircraft from the skies over the city.But it won’t stop there.On Tuesday, the Toronto Police Services Board approved a motion that prohibits private aircraft from flying above the city’s public airport.The motion also calls for an overhaul of Toronto’s aviation regulations that was put forward by city council in May.Police […]

Disneyland Hotel’s New Adventure, ‘Fargo’ opens at Disney World Resort

Disney World will be welcoming the “Fargo” season of the popular FX series with a new adventure themed after the fictional town of Fargo, North Dakota.Disneyland will host “Fargos” this summer, a new Adventure themed to the fictional Fargo, which opened in 2017.“Fargo is the story of a family of six who make their living […]

What’s the worst airline you’ve been on?

If you were flying on an international airline when it was privatized, what do you think of it now? Aeroplan is a new company founded in 2016 by two British expats, Adam and Hazel, who believe they have a chance to bring down the airline industry.The airline is run by a British-based CEO named Alex Grosvenor.Grosvenorets […]

How to book the perfect rocket travel experience

If you’re in the market for a new rocket, then you might be in luck.Rocket travel agency Wakanows is the first to offer an on-demand travel service in the country, offering customers the opportunity to book rockets from as early as a few hours before they’re scheduled to launch.“With the advent of satellite launches, we’re […]


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