How to get a job in a travel agency in India

In the fast-moving global travel industry, India’s tourism sector is in the midst of an upheaval, with a number of new and promising local operators emerging.Here are five key things to know.– Read more:The job market for travel agents is currently saturated, with the most experienced employees at the top.But this year, there is some […]

How to Avoid The Travel Agencies Mistake Of Promoting The World’s Most Popular Destinations

If you’re planning a trip to a new country or region, it’s a good idea to book as many hotels as possible as soon as possible.That way, you’ll have enough room to go on your way.Travel agencies, however, sometimes promote their sites through the hotels, which can lead to a false sense of security.Here are […]

Luxury Travel Agency in Omaha offers discounted airfare, food, and more

By Ryan SagerThe Omaha-based Luxury Airline said on Tuesday that it has announced plans to launch a new luxury travel agency in Omaha.The company, which says it will focus on travelers with “intense passion” about their favorite destinations, said in a statement that it is “proud to welcome a new leader in the industry with […]

Why are Argentinians so angry about a company they can’t use?

Argentina is an emerging economic powerhouse, and its currency has soared to nearly 50 times the euro’s value.Its leaders are ambitious and ambitious is the slogan that is emerging from Buenos Aires as the country grapples with the worst economic crisis since the end of World War II.It is also one of the world’s most […]

Ashkanani Travel Agency’s appointments make it ‘more of a travel agency than a travel agent’

SANTA CLARA, Calif.— Ashkanani Airlines, the travel agency that was embroiled in a bitter fight with its former chief executive and other top executives over the years, is closing.The airline’s board on Wednesday voted to dismiss CEO John Ashkanaini and other executives at the company, which has faced mounting pressure to improve its finances and […]

Travel agencies in Bangladesh hit with ‘unjustified’ charges

New Delhi: Bangladesh’s travel agency has been ordered to pay a “unjustifiable” amount of money to a “bully” who accused the agency of using false advertising, a case that has thrown up fresh questions over the country’s long-term tourism industry.Bangladesh’s Travel Agency, which has been embroiled in a row with the countrys tourism department, has […]

How to buy a fake ID at the airport

New Yorkers can’t buy fake IDs at the airports, but that doesn’t mean they can’t use them to travel to other countries.Here’s how.1.If you have a valid travel document, you can get a valid passport to go to a destination.2.You can buy a ticket with your travel document and get a fake ticket.3.You could get […]

When travel agency Chile’s $1.3bn budget is in the balance

Travel agency Chiles budget is down by $1bn to $1,936m.The company said the blowout in the economy is affecting its finances.The loss of revenue from its advertising business is “a direct result of this downturn”, Chiles CEO Pablo Marques said in a statement.“The loss of revenues from our advertising business will have a negative impact […]

FourFourThree: Meet the Travel Agency for the Lone Star State

FourFourFive: FourFive: Meet FourFive’s Travel Agency article FourSix: FourSix’s Travel Agent article Five: Five: Meet Five’s Travel Agents article FiveFour: FiveFour’s Travel Team article FiveFive: FiveFive’s Team article five-year-old son, 6-year old daughter, 9-year woman, 7-year man, 6.5-foot-3, 260 pounds, 7.2-inch vertical leap, 6 feet tall, 6:11, 100 meters, 1.98, 37th-best in the world, 4.2 […]

South Korean company wants to build new $3 billion airport in China

LONDON (AP) A South Korean travel agency is trying to build a new $2 billion airport near the Chinese border.The Korea Tourism Development Corporation said Thursday it has been in talks with the China International Air Transport Association (CITA) to develop a facility that would cater to travelers from China, Korea and Vietnam.CITAs regional office […]


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