How to get the best price on hotels in Austin

TEXAS CITY (AP) — For travelers looking for a bargain, there are many options to choose from in Austin.Here are a few tips.ict Travel agency, which operates some of the country’s best-known hotels, has put together this guide to help travelers find the best deals.ICT Travel agency offers a wide selection of rooms in some […]

How to get your passport from Bogota to the US with a little help

There are two things you need to do before you can travel to the United States.The first is a passport application, and the second is your hotel reservation.The first step is to get the right one.That’s what a new guide to the American travel industry is called, The Travel Agent Guide to the U.S. passport.That […]

Airline will open next month in California, bringing its workforce to 1,200

BAYONET, N.M. — Airline Group Inc. plans to open its first in-flight destination in California later this month, bringing the company’s workforce to more than 1,000 people.The airline will begin operating the first service on the route to the California airport from Denver in the coming weeks, Chief Operating Officer Richard Schulz said in a […]

Which airlines have the best deals?

The airline industry is one of the most lucrative and secretive businesses in the world.With no public disclosure requirements, it’s hard to tell who owns a business, and even if they do, it can be very difficult to trace ownership.While the airlines’ own policies on advertising and marketing are a big reason for their success, […]

How to use your money in Australia’s capital city

New York City’s Financial District, home to the world’s tallest skyscraper, is in the midst of a $3.8 billion renovation.It’s one of a number of initiatives being announced across Australia this week.The $3 billion renovation will transform the Manhattan skyline and add new pedestrian-friendly streets to the city, including a $1.5 billion pedestrian tunnel that […]

How to get cheap flights from Thailand to US, UK, Australia, and Europe with the cheapest airfare on a Singaporean Airways flight

Travel agency ANTA has put together a handy guide to the cheapest flights from Singapore to the US, Australia and Europe from your local airline.You can also book tickets for a domestic flight to Bangkok from Singapore, a return flight from Singapore for Thailand, and a direct flight from Bangkok to Europe via Singapore.The cheapest […]

How to be less distracted by travel agents and more focussed on your next trip

Be careful when it comes to the way you approach travel agents, says artemisa founder Maxi Zell.“I think that it’s important to realise that there are lots of travel agents out there,” she says.“We work with hundreds of them and I think they can be very good, but I think we can be a bit […]


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