When are you planning to visit Costa Rica?

Travelers can get a free day trip to Costa Rica from the US for the first time on October 19.The trip is part of the US-Canada Free Trade Agreement.Read moreRead moreThe free trip is a joint effort by the United States, Costa Rica, and Costa Rica’s Ministry of Tourism.Costa Rica and the US agreed to […]

Ashkanani Travel Agency’s appointments make it ‘more of a travel agency than a travel agent’

SANTA CLARA, Calif.— Ashkanani Airlines, the travel agency that was embroiled in a bitter fight with its former chief executive and other top executives over the years, is closing.The airline’s board on Wednesday voted to dismiss CEO John Ashkanaini and other executives at the company, which has faced mounting pressure to improve its finances and […]

CASABABLANO TROPHY: Casablanca Travel Agency, Ashkanani Travel Agency open for business in New Zealand

The Casablano Travel Agency and Ashkanini Travel Agency will open for commercial operations in New York City’s New York borough, the New York Post reported on Thursday.The two travel agencies have been operating in the United States for nearly 10 years and have been based in New Jersey since 2004, according to the New Jersey […]

When to travel by bike: The best routes

Honolulu, Hawaii—I’m always on the lookout for great bike travel.When you’re on the road, it’s tempting to take it easy, especially if you have no plans for a trip, but you shouldn’t.Cycling has its ups and downs.Here are some good and bad ways to travel on the bike in the US, according to Travel.com, which […]

When do you get your travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a crucial part of every person’s budget.Whether it’s for a holiday, vacation or even a trip abroad, insurance is needed to ensure that your loved ones don’t suffer the same fate that the Travel Agents did when they were robbed and assaulted in Istanbul.The first thing you need to do when purchasing […]


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