U.S. airlines to ban travel to Colombia amid anti-government protests

AUSTIN, Texas— U.T.F., U.AX and United are suspending operations in Colombia amid reports that President Juan Manuel Santos is using the country as a base for an armed rebellion.The U.K.-based Air France-KLM said in a statement Monday that the three companies will not fly to the Colombian capital, Bogota, on Dec. 20 and will resume […]

California Governor Brown to announce $1.5B in vacation and hotel aid for California

California Gov.Jerry Brown has announced $1 billion in holiday and hotel assistance to the state in 2017, a decision that comes as the state struggles to keep up with the demand for vacation and stays during the current economic downturn.The holiday aid includes an additional $500 million in cash and credits, according to a statement […]

Rocket Travel Agency offers a $100 gift card for free for anyone who travels through Nashville

Rocket Travel is offering a $1 gift card to anyone who flies through Nashville.The airline says the gift card will be sent to the recipient’s email address or a prepaid card.You can redeem the gift cards online at RocketTravel.com, or by mail.The company says that anyone who buys a Rocket Travel ticket at least 60 […]