Christian travel agency denies claims of ‘anti-gay’ anti-gay slur

Christian travel company Faq has denied claims of anti-LGBT slur after the travel agency said its staff had been “misinformed” by a Christian evangelist who claimed they would “take down” any Muslim staff.According to a statement on the Faq website, the company’s team had received “misinformation” from Christian evangelists who “have used the Christian faith […]

How to buy cheap flights and hotels for yourself and your loved ones

The journey is long, but you need to know the right way to buy your way to the destination.With these tips, you can plan the perfect vacation to your heart’s content. 1.Pick a travel agent.Travel agents are everywhere these days, and they can make a huge difference. 2.Choose a cheap hotel.If you want to save money, get […]

Which travel agency offers the best service in the country?

Travel agency was launched in 2017, with a focus on travelers seeking affordable, personalized travel and a focus of providing an inclusive travel experience.A lot of travelers use travel agencies because they want to save money, but they often do not realize how much they spend and what the impact of not using a […]

‘Cartrawler’ offers free travel to any of these destinations (including London) for two weeks

In January, we reported that Cartrawler, an online travel company that has operated for over three years, was launching a free trip to any two destinations in the US, Europe, Canada and the UK for the next two weeks.The service, which will only be available to those in the states, is free for people between […]