How to get a job in a travel agency in India

In the fast-moving global travel industry, India’s tourism sector is in the midst of an upheaval, with a number of new and promising local operators emerging.Here are five key things to know.– Read more:The job market for travel agents is currently saturated, with the most experienced employees at the top.But this year, there is some […]

When you’re traveling, don’t take the train, plane or bus

Transportation experts are recommending that travelers take the bus and train, rather than taking a car, carpool or ride-sharing services, when they plan to travel.But the experts also cautioned against putting a price on getting a ride.The experts said it’s best to take a car or carpool when possible, and take public transportation when possible.Travelers […]

When traveling in the Caribbean and South America, it’s worth visiting banana travel agencies

When traveling the Caribbean or South America is a great way to make a few bucks while you’re at it.There are a number of banana travel agents around the world that you can hire to help you book your next vacation.In this article, we’ll cover the top banana travel companies around the globe.Banana Travel AgencyIn […]