South Korean company wants to build new $3 billion airport in China

LONDON (AP) A South Korean travel agency is trying to build a new $2 billion airport near the Chinese border.The Korea Tourism Development Corporation said Thursday it has been in talks with the China International Air Transport Association (CITA) to develop a facility that would cater to travelers from China, Korea and Vietnam.CITAs regional office […]

GTM Travel Agency Lubbock to take over from International Travel Agency

Lubbocks-based International Travel Agent (ITA) is about to take the reins of GTM as its head, the company announced on Monday.The airline has announced the transition of the agency to GTM from a separate company, which it had bought earlier this year.The move is effective April 1, 2019, the day the GTM board met to […]

How to find the best travel agencies in the Lubbock area

Lubbocks travel agency Journeys has shut down its Facebook page after losing a fight to keep the page open.The company had been running for just over a month, with the Facebook page now officially suspended.The news comes as travel agents across the United States are struggling with dwindling revenue amid record-breaking winter travel demand and […]

Annapolis travel agency loses $100 million due to travel agency collapse

Lubbock-based Annapolis Travel Agency was once one of the country’s largest travel agencies.Now, it’s one of its biggest creditors.According to a bankruptcy filing filed Friday, the agency has about $250 million in assets and about $100,000 in liabilities.The agency said in its filing that the bankruptcy trustee has approved a $25 million loan.The bank has […]