New rules on travel from the U.S. to Europe require all travelers to provide photo ID

Travel agencies, hotels and car rental companies in Europe have had to post photo IDs at their entrances.Now, all travel agents in the United States are required to post them as well, including at their doors.The rule was implemented on Tuesday, but the new requirement is more stringent than the one in place in the […]

How to watch football in Australia’s northern cities

In 2018, there are only two cities in Australia that have a football team: Perth and Melbourne.But they’re home to a number of football clubs.There are a handful of Premier League clubs, as well as the AFL’s Adelaide Football Club and the NRL’s Sydney Roosters.All of these clubs are playing in the AFL or A-League.And […]

What are the key areas of the LVRs latest marketing campaign?

Travel agency marketing is a key part of any travel agency’s strategy, and they want you to use them to help get you the most out of your travel experience.So when the LVR released its latest marketing effort, it didn’t really disappoint.It is aimed at both those travelling from the UK and those from other […]

How to find the best travel agency marketing

Travel agencies, which are often considered the most prestigious travel marketing services, are in need of a major upgrade.According to a new report from Marketing Analytics, they need to start focusing more on their own brand, marketing strategies, and even better, a more engaging and relevant product.Here’s what you need to know about marketing in […]

Which is better for your business? – Travel agencies in Australia

Posted November 18, 2018 17:17:56 You may be a travel agency’s main client, but you may also be a key partner in your business.The way you market your business to your clients and customers will be directly linked to your sales and marketing strategies.To understand this, we are going to look at what makes a […]