What to know about travel agency prices and fees

What you need to know when booking a trip to Brazil.Read moreWhat to know is that, if you travel to Brazil, you’re probably going to be charged a higher price than you’d be in Canada.Brazil has some of the highest travel prices in the world.The country’s average ticket price is about $9,000 in Canada, according […]

How to get the best price on hotels in Austin

TEXAS CITY (AP) — For travelers looking for a bargain, there are many options to choose from in Austin.Here are a few tips.ict Travel agency, which operates some of the country’s best-known hotels, has put together this guide to help travelers find the best deals.ICT Travel agency offers a wide selection of rooms in some […]

How to avoid scams in Thailand

AUSTRALIA’S travel agency has warned travellers to stay away from the country’s largest airport after an online campaign warned travellers of scams.The travel agency in Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, said that it had been inundated with calls from concerned travellers after a campaign on the social media website Reddit, which has been shut down since January, […]