How to find the best hotel in Chile for your trip

In the southern hemisphere, there are two major travel companies, both based in Santiago.The first is the company named, Kangsan, based in the city.The second is the travel agency known as IRIS, which is based in Camarines Norte.They are both in Chile, and they offer both a low-fare and a high-fare itinerary.Here’s what to look […]

How to avoid flying at night

Travellers may want to keep a low profile during the winter months, but what about the summer months?Here are some tips to avoid travelling in the dark, especially at night.Airports and hotels in Kazakhstan are known for their high-security standards.The country is notorious for being a country that is prone to large scale violence and […]

Why Mexico has become a hub for Chinese travel

1.The country is not so different from its neighbors.Mexico has a population of nearly one billion and a gross domestic product of $23 trillion.China has more than 3.6 billion people and a GDP of $46 trillion.The US has around a third of the population and GDP of about $1.3 trillion.Mexico is home to the world’s […]

How to be less distracted by travel agents and more focussed on your next trip

Be careful when it comes to the way you approach travel agents, says artemisa founder Maxi Zell.“I think that it’s important to realise that there are lots of travel agents out there,” she says.“We work with hundreds of them and I think they can be very good, but I think we can be a bit […]

White Travel Agency: ‘It’s hard for me to talk about it, it’s very personal’

A white travel agent at a BCG travel agency in San Francisco says he’s afraid to talk to his boss about what he learned about the company’s handling of sexual harassment complaints.In a lengthy statement published Monday by CBC News, Mark Karpinski, president and CEO of White Travel, says he believes his boss at the […]

When to travel by bike: The best routes

Honolulu, Hawaii—I’m always on the lookout for great bike travel.When you’re on the road, it’s tempting to take it easy, especially if you have no plans for a trip, but you shouldn’t.Cycling has its ups and downs.Here are some good and bad ways to travel on the bike in the US, according to, which […]


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